Who can participate?

Any independent artist, group, collective or urban art crew that has a large format proposal, regardless of their previous experience.

Artists from all countries are welcome; painters, photographers, controllers and installers.

How do i participate?

1. Create a sketch under the theme of "Master Animals" and color it with any technique.

2. Then select 3 large format work images that you have previously done, send us your color sketch and your previous work through the form.

Proposals can be in JPG or PNG format.


Where do I send my submission?

All submissions are sent through the google form in the section “participate” on this webpage.

Submissions sent on facebook or other media won‘t be accepted. 

How many submissions will be selected?

We will select 25 local projects, 5 international plus 5 special guests.


I commit to:

  • Send the proposal before the deadline in the required format.
  • Agree to cede the right to use my piece in publicity and promotional material..
  • International artists are committed to cover the cost of arrival in the country from 10 to 13 May.
  • Show up to the festival and finish the mural in time. 



What is the deadline to send my submission?

Submissions can be sent until the night of April 25th.

Submissions sent after deadline won‘t be accepted. 


What is the selection team‘s role? (made of local artists and curators)

1) Selecting and organizing submissions
2) Having the right to accept or deny the submissions.
3) Determining which wall will be painted by each artist.


How will i know if I am selected?

Every artist will be notified via email, even if they are selected or not.

The selected artists will be announced on the facebook page of Bonito Mi Barrio.